Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday-

I (we) did not tell my daughter (who can read) that her daddy's shirt said something totally different and then scurried him away. It read "I don't give a ...(And had a picture of a donkey (ass) being pulled by a rat.)" I told her it said, I don't give a donkey and we don't know why it says that it just doesn't make sense and we will get rid of it right away. So if you live in my area check goodwill soon. This is an old shirt he has had since before kids and it made an appearance because his wife has gotten behind on laundry (again), see beach towel post on previous, Not me Monday.

I would never buy that shirt and laugh hilarioulsy because I thought it was so funny, not me.

I'm sure there's more but I've got laundry to do, obviously!