Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday-

I (we) did not tell my daughter (who can read) that her daddy's shirt said something totally different and then scurried him away. It read "I don't give a ...(And had a picture of a donkey (ass) being pulled by a rat.)" I told her it said, I don't give a donkey and we don't know why it says that it just doesn't make sense and we will get rid of it right away. So if you live in my area check goodwill soon. This is an old shirt he has had since before kids and it made an appearance because his wife has gotten behind on laundry (again), see beach towel post on previous, Not me Monday.

I would never buy that shirt and laugh hilarioulsy because I thought it was so funny, not me.

I'm sure there's more but I've got laundry to do, obviously!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkins-Take 2

Well I was not happy with our "pumpkin patch" pictures this year so we decided to just throw some out in the front yard and take a few more shots. These are the outfits from last year but they still fit so we chose to do traditional colors this time. I know you all think I made Brooke wear those big honking bows in her hair, but quite the contrary, she saw them in the drawer from last year and begged me for pigtails. Who can ever tell about that girl. I am trying to let her make some of those choices these days, because really would you like for someone to make you wear those things in your hair if it weren't your idea? Me either-

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where Oh Where Oh Where Is Brynlee....

Brynlee is seven months and so close to crawling. She can "roll" where she wants to be and tries to scoot a little. She is so much fun. I know I might regret it but I am ready for her to be mobile. She spends most of the day on my hip and wants to be where I am. I know that won't change much but maybe she can crawl behind me or something! She is our baby and I am not rushing her to grow up but I guess I am ready for a new phase.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

The cousins-

These did not turn out as I had hoped. Brynlee who usually steals the show with her big grins, had just gotten up from a nap and looks thoroughly confused. Oh well, they got to pick pumpkins and that was the goal. Well, not my goal, but you get the idea- (there may be another trip in our future-ha ha)
And a big JEERS to the family that decided to SUE the big pumpkin patch we usually visit. They had games, animals, food, wagon rides, and more. They are not open this year because someone broke their arm last year and when the owners offered to pay all medical bills, they decided that wasn't good enough and wanted to sue. So they ruined it for everyone!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not Me Monday


I did not tell my family to pretend we were on vacation when we had to start using beach towels because all of the towels were dirty! That could never happen in my home because I wash every day and I would never let things get out of hand like that-not me!

I did not let my husband feed our 6 month old daughter MASHED POTATOES because that was the easier than pureeing more "baby food". Not me, because I know they were made with real milk and a stick of butter. I would never allow that until she is at least a year.

And last....I did not have my husband link this for me because I am so techno-saavy, I never have to ask for help.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tent Camping is not for Sissies...

Notice the cots drying out in the background-
Campfire Memories-
Nana, Dandy and the B's

Yes, 2/3 of them even wear bows camping. I've lost the oldest, darn it!

Here is Ayric fixing the tent. So much fun-
Rain Rain Go Away-
Blaire learns to fish-
Cousins: Libby, Landon, Brooke, Blaire, Whitmore, and Brynlee

We went camping last weekend. There was absolutely no chance of rain when we left but when we woke up that morning to thunder and lightning we decided to take cover. We took the girls in for breakfast at Cracker Barrel and $72.00 later we killed time around Wal-mart until the storm passed. When we got back the tent had given way under the pressure of the water and there was about 2 inches of water in most of our huge tent. I wasn't thinking of a picture at that point so you'll have to imagine that part. We cleaned it up and started over. The girls didn't seem to notice and fun was had by all. The rest of the day was beautiful. We got back home and everything still smells like a campfire but we had a great time so that's what counts right? Oh and I forgot to mention that the night before we got a late start and then sat on the interstate for 2 hours because a truck lost its load. So we (and by we I mostly mean Ayric) set up our tent by a lantern and we finally got to bed around 2am. But stick around, things like this happen to us ALL the time. Our lives are better (or worse)than fiction most times.