Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

The cousins-

These did not turn out as I had hoped. Brynlee who usually steals the show with her big grins, had just gotten up from a nap and looks thoroughly confused. Oh well, they got to pick pumpkins and that was the goal. Well, not my goal, but you get the idea- (there may be another trip in our future-ha ha)
And a big JEERS to the family that decided to SUE the big pumpkin patch we usually visit. They had games, animals, food, wagon rides, and more. They are not open this year because someone broke their arm last year and when the owners offered to pay all medical bills, they decided that wasn't good enough and wanted to sue. So they ruined it for everyone!!!


Katie Kordsmeier said...

Those pink & black Halloween outfits are too cute! Where on earth did you get those???

Robyn said...

I had them made by a lady on ebay. Thanks-

twarpula said...

Ok Robyn hand that link over to her store because they are so Stinkin cute!! Maybe she has something for christmas??? I'm an ebay junky too, I confess. ;)

Mike and Katie said...

Your girls are so cute!! You should definitely have a dozen more! (Re:Your question on MCKS)

But seriously, trust your husband and ask him how many kids you should have and then honor his wishes.