Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Laughter Lives

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Ok now I have a reason to share a couple of funny stories....

Blaire, oh Blaire, what can I say. She is a spunky 2 year old and I love her. Here is one of her latest stunts. Well, we have been having conversations when she gets in trouble about who is in charge and why. (God made Mommies and Daddies to take care of you and tell you what to do, etc, etc) She woke up one morning and at the breakfast bar I could tell she was in deep thought. She said, "Mom, God told me from heaven with his magic wand, that I was the boss!" I think she must have had a dream about it or something. I don't know where the magic wand comes in.

Blaire had this revelation this afternoon as Uncle Adam drove up. She said, Uncle Adam, (pause) Uncle Michael, (pause) Uncle Alan (pause).... Uncle Todd....HEY, they're all on the same team!

Brooke (our 5 year old) has been to the Bass Pro Shop many times but the last trip she made a discovery. She was looking at all the "stuffed" animals and naming them, asking questions, etc. She paused and got very quiet. "Dad, were all these animals alive one time and now they are dead?"Ayric replied, "Yep." She held her composure but said, "We have got to get out of here with all these dead animals!" She is our vegetarian from birth with such a sensitive heart. The kid has never digested a piece of chicken, beef, pork. I tried to sneak it on for her when she was eating baby food, and out it came. She can pick out the tiniest pieces of chicken in soup. And believe me she has really no idea where it all comes from because if she did, none of us would be allowed to eat meat. Recently she asked me where hamburgers came from and I said, "Well... you know from animals, like cows... " I was really pushing it. She thought about it but I really don't think she gets the whole slaughter the animal and eat it thing yet. My guess is that she thinks it "comes from" a cow much like an egg comes from a chicken.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Found this through one of my other blog friends. After years of infertility issues, Kelly was induced yesterday with baby Harper...all was well with the pregnancy but baby Harper is in serious condition with pneumonia.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Not me Monday


I must have been pretty good this week, because I really can't think of many things I didn't do. For one, I am not enjoying nursing my 10 month old because it gives me more computer time. I also do not sit in my computer chair and nurse. That would be much too uncomfortable.

Oh- one more thing I would never do. I wouldn't even think of reprimanding another person's child at the mall playground. Because first of all I would never take my children to the MALL PLAYGROUND in the middle of cold and flu season, that would be outrageous right there. But this child who was running around screaming a high pitch annoying scream everywhere he went got right up in my daughter's face and for no apparent reason let go of another scream. It just happened before I could stop it..I said, Oh, no please don't scream in her face. If I had done this, I would say it was because I was protecting my own child. If my husband had been there, dying of embarrassment, he would have told me never to do that to another person's child, just ask mine to come away. OK maybe next time...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Picture People

We had these pictures made last weekend at Picture People. My mom wanted all the grandkids while we were all together. Here they are Libby 11, Landon 6, Brooke 5, Blaire 2, Brynlee 9 mos, and Whit 10 mos. Quite the little stairsteps.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wrapping Up Christmas

I found a few more Christmas pics to share. Random events in December...so much fun!
All decked out to go see the Nutcracker
Brooke and Mrs. Luna at the Christmas party
Brynlee-all smiles!
At the Galleria
Santa party
Brynlee checks out the strange man
All my girls at the Mistletoe Fair

Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday!


I did not check MckMama's blog every 2 minutes to see updates of Stellan in the hopsital. I have way too much to do for that. I didn't just continue my life and walk by and hit refresh every time I thought about it to see his status. My 3 kids would never allow that!

I did not return a shirt to Old Navy after I had washed it and worn it! Who would allow that? I mean I didn't like the way the shirt fit and it washed up horribly but I purchased it so it's mine right? I have heard of that but would never do it myself.

My 2 year olds poop did not smell like SPEARMINT from all the gum she swallowed. That could be dangerous or something?!