Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday!


I did not check MckMama's blog every 2 minutes to see updates of Stellan in the hopsital. I have way too much to do for that. I didn't just continue my life and walk by and hit refresh every time I thought about it to see his status. My 3 kids would never allow that!

I did not return a shirt to Old Navy after I had washed it and worn it! Who would allow that? I mean I didn't like the way the shirt fit and it washed up horribly but I purchased it so it's mine right? I have heard of that but would never do it myself.

My 2 year olds poop did not smell like SPEARMINT from all the gum she swallowed. That could be dangerous or something?!


Sarah said...

Spearmint it about the best smell you could hope for in a diaper! I think you should be able to return everything after you have used it if you don't like it. How would you know otherwise??