Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer's Over...

Random pics from Summer Travel St. Louis Arch
Yes, Blaire is thrilled with all the photo taking...

St. Louis Zoo

Magic Time Machine....they sat us all in the short bus :0

The Dallas Aquarium

Well, my last post, Summer's here, only to be followed by Summer's Over. That is fitting because I have been too busy to really keep up lately. That plus something is wrong with the modem and I lose internet at least once a day and it is a pain to reset. I check email, facebook occassionally and move on. But now that 2 out of 3 kids will be gone at least part of the time (insert halleujah chorus here), maybe I will at least update my blog. Time has flown by this summer. Sadly we did not do many of the things we had on our list. My motto has become, sometimes less is more. We did take several trips this summer, none of which I blogged about. We went to Dallas for a few days and did lots of fun things like the aquarium, Rainforest Cafe, and Magic Time Machine. We traveled to St Louis to visit Ayric's family and did lots of fun things there. We went to Sci Port and the Boardwalk in Shreveport. So I guess when we weren't traveling I really didn't feel like dragging 3 kids to the movies or bowling in the HEAT, so we hung out around here and mostly relaxed. I think it was a good summer overall although as with all moms, we all feel like we could be doing more. I am ready for school to start just to have a good routine again. But once school gets going we are heading to the beach for Labor Day.