Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It's Monday again...and you know what that means! Lots of things people from all around the globe would never do.

As for me...

I would never get teary eyed as they played the wedding march this weekend when 2 of my 3 were flower girls thinking it would someday be them. Why would I do that, they are 3 and 6. I've got plenty of time and time definitely does not seem to be going way too fast!

I would never let my newly turned 3 year old have a paci on the way home from the wedding because I knew she would fall fast asleep and there would be quiet in the car! I mean she is way too old for that. Along these lines I have avoided telling her NO to the paci and making a big deal because of times like these when I know I will revert. I have been trying the subtle encouragement instead.

I did not wake up from my mothers day nap to find these things going on:

The girls must have heard him snoring and covered him up. He went in there to play with them-LOL

Brynlee found the paintbrushes but luckily no paint!

Blaire decided she didn't like the church dress on and apparently put herself down for a nap.

Can you find the girl in the mess? They had even stacked furniture on top of each other- oh my!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday

Ok this may be a little lame but I really wanted to post to be entered to win that necklace!
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This past week I didn't forget to feed Blaire breakfast and then mid morning when she told me she was hungry let her have a cupcake for snack because I totally forgot.

I did not make 48 cupcakes for a baby shower and realize that that was about 40 too many!

I would never put adorably cute but too too small clothes in an actual trashbag for lack of a better container, only to have Ayric mistakenly throw them in the TRASH instead of taking them to Goodwill. Arrgghh