Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas

Christmas Morning!
A big girl bike from Santa

Barbie Jeep for Blaire-(she had no idea-when she walked in she said, "I did want that!"

Watching for Santa-Christmas Eve

Making ice cream to leave for Santa

Christmas PJ's

Goofing off on Christmas Eve

I am so good at checking other people's blogs to see what a great Christmas everyone had and how cute their kiddos looked in Christmas Pj's but apparently not that great at posting my here goes, a few days late. Merry Christmas


Michal Ann said...

I have to agree with you: it's a childhood picture of MckMamma (Jennifer) and Nuggy. You and I both noticed the Christmas card. "Big Mac" and his dad resemble each other and "McNugget" and Mamma look alike. Why do people keep saying it's Big Mac? I think that kids often look like THEMSELF. However, for many many years I have made note of the fact that many couples marry someone who looks like their own family member, especially a sibling.

I'm so concerned about Stellan! I think this episode will PROVE how healthy his heart is but the RSV assault on his little body is fierce. Let's pray a lot for MckMamma's strength and health (and apple crisp donations)!

I don't have a blog but I'm glad to see your lovely family!

Any idea why this google thing steals my password and I have to start again every time??

Love in Christ, Michal