Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday


Ok -time is flying by with Brooke out of school and Ayric off work. I was truly surprised to find out today was Monday-it's hard to keep up. So here are some things I would have never matter what day it is-

I most certainly did not forget to lock the wheels on the double stroller..(aka the tantrum wagon) and while my middle daughter was getting on the table at the doctor, bump the stroller and accidentally completely fold the stroller in the small doctors waiting room...with my 8 month old baby strapped in. I hurriedly try to get the stroller back up so I could get my scared, screaming, yet virtually unharmed baby out. She did have a mark on her forehead where the little snack tray collided in the unfortunate incident but seemed not to notice. What kind of whack-job must someone be to do that!

When taking my poor poodle to the groomer they would never charge my DOUBLE because we had waited so long to bring her in. (I really wish I had a before shot) I would never have to put a ponytail on top of her little head so that she could see. They also did not inform me that the rescue people were in asking if she needed a home. That would not be my experience at the dog groomer because I take perfect care of all my kids and animals. (I promise we love her)


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Too funny! I'm glad the baby is okay and the dog hasn't been stolen by the rescue people.
Thanks for sharing and happy holidays!