Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday!


It's Monday-back to school after the long break. I had forgotten how nice it was to not have a kindergartener that had to be taken and picked up from school ;) We all miss the days of sleeping in, especially when it is so chilly out! Anyway... here are things I definitely did not do this week-

After 5 trips to the doctor in just 6 days, 6 prescriptions, 2 xrays, 2 shots, 1 strep test, and a breathing machine later-I did not have to keep telling myself, "I will miss all this one day, I will miss all this one day, I know I will!"

When my husband wrote "CLEAN ME" in the layer of dust on our furniture last night, I did not politely comment back with "NO" in my own dust writing.

I did not get up,no STAY up rather, (no sleep to be had this week with the sickies) and drive to Wal-mart at 3:30 AM to try and buy a Barbie Jeep for Blaire. As I watched the crowds I did not think about the post I would write to commemorate all the Black Friday, hmm "Shoppers". Not me, I don't experience life through my blog ...ha

And I most certainly did not let my oldest have an oreo with breakfast because I was literally too tired to care. This is after earlier in the week trying to sneak garbanzo beans in her mac and cheese for protein. (A no-g0 BTW!)


Dee said...

OH NO..thats a lot of doctor trips! :)..and YES..I'm sure you WILL miss it one day! I would have wrote back..YOU DO IT in the dust! :)

Cathy said...

You poor thing! Hope this week is better!

Katie Kordsmeier said...

Did you rent your breathing machine? We have 2! You're welcome to one of ours if you're renting and want one of your own!