Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bible Stories, Bow Heads, and Veterans

Blaire's rendition of Jonah and the Whale
When I asked her what happened next after Jonah was swallowed by the whale, she said he chewed him up. I said, "No, he spit him out didn't he?" She thought about it and answered, "No, Jesus was really hungry so he ate him up!" She told me she learned that in "class".

Look what they've done to my hair

Here is the before shot of the BOWhead-(at Brooke's Veterans day program)

Brooke had a cute program for the Veterans Friday. She invited Dandy (my dad) to her class. The kindergarten sang and then all the Veterans went back to the classrooms to answer questions. I thought it was cute that she introduced him as Grandpa-even though we call him Dandy, because she said that the kids wouldn't understand that. That's Brooke for you, always one step ahead, thinking of those "kids"


Dee said...

oh so cute!