Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

So excited about Trick or Treating-
Raggedy Ann
Miss Ladybug
I love it when they are still little enough to be persuaded what to be for Halloween.
Cruella de Ville Strike a Pose-(She loves Halloween)
The cousins ready to hit the streets.
We're all here
We had a great time trick or treating. Once we got over the "I'm first" at every house. We made it through the neighborhood and then stopped off at the mall to show Nee Nee our costumes, or what was left of them at that point. Brooke insisted on being Cruella for about 6 months now. That girl has a mind of her own (don't know where she gets it). I think it turned out pretty cute. I suggested to Blaire maybe a ladybug because we had that adorable tutu from Brooke's dance last year. I have always called her my ladybug so she thought that was pretty neat , and the tutu sealed the deal. Miss Brynlee, she had no choice, this was the costume that both of her sisters wore on their first Halloween so it had to be. I think that wig is too darn cute.
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween-


twarpula said...

Fantastic costumes!!! The kids look amazing!