Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkins-Take 2

Well I was not happy with our "pumpkin patch" pictures this year so we decided to just throw some out in the front yard and take a few more shots. These are the outfits from last year but they still fit so we chose to do traditional colors this time. I know you all think I made Brooke wear those big honking bows in her hair, but quite the contrary, she saw them in the drawer from last year and begged me for pigtails. Who can ever tell about that girl. I am trying to let her make some of those choices these days, because really would you like for someone to make you wear those things in your hair if it weren't your idea? Me either-


Maria Sanguesa said...

Very, very nice. See you soon.

Nadine Marksteiner said...


You have really nice pictures! You should go to and upload your pics there and put them on fridge magnets and send it to all your friends and family.



Volkus said...

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Mc Allen said...

LOVE the Big Honkin Bows!!! And just look at those gloamour Puss's, do they even know how cute they are?? Love the Pics, Leah