Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School

Ready for school-She was sooooo excited!
Ready to go into class-she told me I could drop her off but I asked her if I could take her in the first day. She was fine with that but when I asked for a picture of her with her teacher she had a firm, "No."
Complete with monogrammed backpack and all.
The first day went great. Brooke has probably never in her life gotten up at 7am, especially not on a regular basis. We tried to get her somewhat prepared by getting her up around 8:30-9:00 towards the end of the summer. She has always been a late sleeper, 9:30-10:00 when she can. So this is an adjustment for us all. She was pretty positive about the first day but said it was long and she was ready to be in college! Blaire missed her but I think she enjoyed having more time with Mommy. I took her to the store today and she took over the role of oldest child , she wanted to walk and helped me get things off the shelf. She is getting so big and now that one has gone to school it makes me treasure the time I have at home with the other 2 before they are gone.


twarpula said...

You have the most adorable clothes for your girls!! Where in the world do you shop?! Precious. She looks so grown up. I remember her in the 3s class. It goes by all to fast. -tanya

Robyn said...

Tanya- Thanks, we really don't have anywhere to shop around here so I get some of the things on ebay. The first day dress actually came from Gap. I remember your boys too, they are so big now. I LOVE your photography and am trying to work it out where we can come to Austin around Brynlee's first birthday so you can do the pics! We have family pics of us with all the girls at their first birthday. I know you will have a new baby by then but maybe it will work out. Nothing seems to slow you down. I love checking your blog because you faithfully update with gorgeous pics- Robyn