Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The sisters had a makeup party-blue is her color~
Helping with Dinner- so proud of herself
This is Blaire acting out Fabulous from High School Musical 2. "scuse me"
Sound asleep. Ahhh

Here's a bit about Blaire, the middle child. Ayric, being a middle child reminds to treat her extra special because of this. ;) Anyway, she is a character. She is a cuddlebug most of the time and wants me to rock her and twists my hair around her finger until she falls asleep. She can hardly contain herself when one of her favorite songs comes on in the car, she sings and dances as much as the car seat restraints will allow. She LOVES her Daddy and says the cutest little prayers at night. She is trying to say, "thank you for the boys and girls", (like she has heard in bible class) but most nights it comes across, "Dear Jesus, Thank you for all the boys." Yes, we're
worried. She is lately fascinated with being a "big girl" and was refusing to hold my hand crossing the street at Target, as if we aren't a spectacle enough, this time I was arguing with her the whole way across the street that big girls still hold Mommy's hands. It was all I could manage. Anyway, this is typical Blaire and we love her. The hardest part about her personality right now is that if she wants to do something herself or wanted something a certain way and it doesn't happen, she wants to go back to the scene of the crime and start over. For example, if you forget to let her buckle herself in the carseat, she wants to go back to the house, out the door and start over. It's her kind of therapy I guess, yes, that's what will call it for now. The girl knows what she wants!


Katie Kordsmeier said...

Awww...So sweet! That poor middle child! She and Ainslee will have to be friends so they can complain about all the attention the older and younger siblings get! I did a blog a while back of just Ainslee but it was hard to truly capture the complexity of her little 2 year old personality! You did a good job! I love the "going back to the crime scene;" we do that too! Ahhh children!

twarpula said...

How funny! You have a funny one on your hands. -tanya