Friday, March 6, 2009

Betcha can't beat this!

Ok I was doing some crazy shopping getting 3 girls coordinated for this 8 days we will be gone to Disney. Whew...Anyway, Ayric said he would watch the kids so I could get a little more done. I was zipping through the Gap and spotted a cute enough white tank, plain but even had a little rhinestone heart at the bottom. It was marked .97 so I could not pass it up. When I got to the register, I even thought would that not be funny if it were an additional % off or something. The little guy with no personality and even less brains, rings it up and looks at the register and then says, ".01." I repeated, ".01." He said , "Yes." No smile, no funny comment, nothing. I chuckled and dug out a penny and handed it to him and ran out before someone realized I was STEALING a perfectly good tank top from them. Even funnier than the top being .01, was that the guy did not think to ask anyone if this was ok that he sell a shirt for a penny, or even crack a smile when he told me the total. Oh yes, and I almost forgot, he actually said, "Do you want your receipt in the bag