Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Long Time No Blog!

Valentine Cuties

Brynlee learning her ABCs

And she's off...

Three Cowgirls

Wow... I have not posted in over a month. Let's see where to begin. We had my birthday, then Valentine's Day, 4 cases of the FLU, and now planning 3 birthday parties in March. But most importantly..we are packing, planning, etc, for our BIG surprise Spring Break trip to DISNEY! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. The girls have no idea. They all have a birthday the week of Spring Break (I knew this would be helpful one day) so it is going to be a birthday celebration! The first Sat of Spring Break is Brooke's actual birthday so we are going to schedule a call from Cinderella and wake the girls up. Car will be packed and ready Friday night. We are going to somehow ask Brooke and Blaire what they would like to do for Spring Break/Birthday etc and if it doesn't already come out of Brooke's mouth (she tells us quite frequently she wants to go to Disney one day, but we keep telling her Brynlee has to be a little older) we are going to say, "How about Disney World?" and all hop in the car and head for the airport! Ok that's how it goes in my fairytale but I will let you know how it really turns out.