Friday, July 18, 2008

Brynlee arrives-March 20, 2008

Look- she came out with a bow ;) The nurses did deliver her to me from the nursery like this.

Big Sisters
Ok- I am really going to give this blogging thing another try. I will go back and at least document Brynlee's birth. All the girls were due in sequential order, oldest born on the 14th, middle on the 22nd and the last was not due until the 28th. (All of March) However....the doctor decided that because of the size of my first two babies (both 8lbs 2 oz) and my ability to pack on the pounds this pregnancy that this one was coming early. So I was induced on the 20th. I felt like I was in labor so I went to the hospital like a dork at 3:00am when I was scheduled to be there at 6:00am, because I just knew she was about to fall out of me, but when they checked me nothing had changed since my appointment the day before, still barely 2 cm but RIPE as they say. I have this thing about getting absolutely no sleep before all the births of my children and I don't advise this. Anyway, Miss Brynlee was not cooperating and I was in hard labor most of the day much to my dismay. I got epidurals upon getting a gown on basically with the other 2 in Austin but this doctor wanted to wait!! He also kept telling me I could do it without an epidural so I was keeping my eye on the clock and holding him to when I could have the epidural. Then the anesthesiologist could not get the needle in my back .He tried for about 40 minutes and he kept saying he thought if I could endure this much pain I should just try it without it-no thanks, I said just please keep trying. Finally, it was in. Within an hour I was not making much progress, so the doctor came in and said he would give me one more hour before we would talk c-section. I was not going to let this happen to me on my last baby. The nurses sat the bed up, turned me, etc and it worked, she was ready to be delivered within the hour. Yea- a few pushes and Miss Brynlee arrived! She was large-8lbs 10 oz and a screamer. Beautiful and worth every stretch mark. We are so in love with her and can' t imagine life without this little girl!