Friday, February 22, 2008

Backing up a bit- Valentine's Day

Everyone is mad at Mom because it was 40 degrees and I wanted a picture!

Brooke, Blaire and Lilly

This picture captures Blaire's personality-

We had a great Valentine's day this year at our house. Most times, it is just easier to stay home and not fight the crowds, especially with the girls. I hate to get a sitter because I feel like they missed out on a holiday. So to spice it up a bit this year Brooke and I decided to decorate the dining room for Daddy and cook a meal and even make a heart shaped cake. Brooke was so helpful, we made a list the night before and she was so detailed with what we needed and what we would do. The next day we shopped, cooked, baked, decorated, etc. She was our waitress and showed us to the table and served us. We had a great time... it was exhausting but worth it!